Offences against Liberty

Torture and other crimes against the person .


Illegal detentions and kidnappings.


Offences against privacy, the right to self-image and the inviolability of the home.

Sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment.


Honor crimes


Slander, libel.

Offenses against family relations


Illegal marriages.


Supposition of birth and impaired parenting.

State or condition of the child.

Violation of the duties of custody.

Induction of minors to the abandonment of domicile.


Family abandonment.

Crimes against property 


Theft, robbery, extortion.

Offences relating to intellectual property.

Offences relating to industrial property.

Offences relating to the market and consumers. 

  • Offences relating to land use and protection of heritage and the environment.
  • Crimes against public finances and social security.
  • Offenses against the rights of workers.
  • Crimes against foreigners.
Collective security offenses


Crimes Against Public Health.

Crimes against the security of the traffic.

Crimes against the Administration. 

Offenses & Lesions